How We Got Started

Welcome!  My name is JoJo McCracken and thank you for shopping my handbags!

I've always been picky about my handbags.  A cheap handbag falls apart in a few months.  An expensive handbag may last forever, but you become bored with it after a while.  It's just the same old bag.  Every day.  I wanted to find a handbag that I could change around a little to give it a different look for different occasions.  That is especially important for when you are traveling, as you don't want to take up an entire suitcase with handbags.  I searched, but couldn't find what I was looking for.  So, I made one.  Just like you, I couldn't have just one handbag.  So, I started making more.

My third grade teacher taught me how to knit and I've been clicking my needles ever since.  A few years ago, I learned about felting my knitting.  (Have you ever put a sweater in the washer and it came out doll-sized?  I do that on purpose!)  That opened up a whole new world to me.  Unlike industrial felt where the wool is compressed into a tight fiber, knitting wool then felting it results in a strong yet soft and flexible fabric that will last a long, long time.

Also, I've always been an animal lover and concerned about the environment.  Wool is a renewable, sustainable fiber with a lot of incredible properties.  We live in a throw-away society -  we buy things for a specific purpose, as cheaply as possible, and after a few months when it falls apart, we throw it away.  Thankfully, things are changing - versatility, eco-friendliness, and quality matter!


I've designed my handbags to be flexible.  Do you want to wear a different brooch or button?  No problem - take the fancy one off and put a different one on.  Just by wearing a different brooch or button, or wearing none at all, you can completely change the look of your handbag. 

Don't want the chain?  Then take it off.  Rather have a wristlet instead of a chain?  Then take the chain off and attach the wristlet.  How many handbags out there can change their look simply by changing a few pieces of hardware?  How many handbags out there even give you the option?


Wool is a fabulous fiber, meant not just for cold weather, but warm weather as well.  It's a breathable fiber in the heat and an insulating fiber in the cold.  Wool is a natural, non-toxic, naturally antibacterial material. When it gets wet - it doesn't discolor and the material isn't ruined.  It also can't scratch.  Wool naturally repels water, but in a soaking rain, the material will simply dry on its own.  Our handbags are knitted then felted, so the finished material is incredibly strong.  This is a fiber that will last for a long, long time - not just one season!  The handbag linings are made of 100% cotton - another natural fiber.  Even the chains and brooches are eco-friendly because they can be taken off and reused. 

Made in the U.S.A.

Knitting then felting our handbags takes time.  Sewing in the linings, all of which are stitched into the handbag by hand, takes time.  I live in Kentucky, which has a rich tradition of exceptional, handcrafted goods made by talented craftspeople.  I have high standards.  You have high standards.  Our products may cost a little more because they're handcrafted in the USA, but our handbags are made to last for more than just a season.  They're created to last a lifetime.  In the end, it will save you money.  Who doesn't want to save money?